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A solid partnership broadens your access and strengthens your position.

Need highly qualified subject matter experts, specialized consulting, or to retain key talent?

Seeker can be your secret weapon.

Supporting industry with strong, diverse competencE

Access unparalleled expertise across a broad range of competencies for your company and it's customers.

Our core competencies lie in cutting edge areas like Cybersecurity and Command & Control.

Team members also have a strong background in aircraft modernization, ISR, modeling & simulation, and developmental and operational testing.


highly qualified CONSULTANTS

Our reliable, resourceful professionals can work independently or integrate seamlessly based on your need.

Despite extensive operational, headquarters staff, and command experience, our team members bring a humble work ethic and access to a robust network of current technical expertise.

quality, Low Stress SOLUTIONS

Seeker prides itself on making your job easy.  Gain the benefits of working with independent consultants without the pain.

Our streamlined process and world-class industrial security facilitates turn-key FTE or purchase order agreements.

Highly cognizant of information security, we leverage cutting edge IT support to ensure CUI, FAR, and NIST compliance.

Seeker  accounting, security, and performance reporting are on-time and done right so you can focus.


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When it comes to the nation’s security, you should only trust professionals with first-hand and in-depth knowledge of the matter at hand. Reach out today so we can help.

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