Serving US National Interests


connecting Experienced Consultants with Government

Put our extensive network of professionals, robust industry security, and world-class information systems to work for you.

Seeker consultants are the low-stress solution for the subject matter expertise you need.  

bridging Experienced veterans

For the last seven years we have enabled transitioning servicemembers to continue serving through consulting relationships.

Whether you're approaching, in-process, or have already transitioned, we can show you how to put your hard-earned expertise to work with you in control.


delivering current and in-depth expertise to Industry

Our consultants are not just experienced, but  actively monitoring and influencing national security trends.

The team boasts many who laid the groundwork for current Cyber, Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts.

See how you can tap our professional network to get the quality support you need for your external contracts or internal development.

"It is the complete opposite of being a cog.  I have schedule flexibility and more ability to get things done. What keeps me here is largely the quality of the people I'm working with.  I am consistently surprised at the talent pool within the organization."

- Peter "Pentium" Avalos

"I didn't want to be just a warm body; I wanted deliverables and a close partnership with government customers.  As an independent consultant I know when my efforts make a major impact on their success. The smaller close-knit team and flexibility let me maintain relationships and provide a more focused effort. The way I joined Seeker sums it up... let's not sign 1000 page document, just make a decision on what works for everyone."

- Jeremy "Smoke" Potvin

"Working for Seeker gives me the balance of doing my own thing in the mission areas I want to serve. It's the best of both worlds; mission and quality of life. I get to work hard and have a lot of latitude which challenges how creative I can be as a leader."

- Brian "Bubba" Dickinson