Government Customers

Do you need more qualified subject matter experts? Want to bring in a specialized consultant? Need more flexibility to better retain talent? Help transitioning a key individual?

Seeker can make it happen.

talented and experienced consultants

Our consultants are reliable, resourceful, well-connected professionals who can integrate seamlessly or work independently.

With extensive operational, headquarters, and command experience our team members bring a strong work ethic in addition to current technical expertise.


Supporting agencies with Broad competence

We understand National Security.

Core competencies rooted in Command & Control and Cybersecurity increase with each new team member.

Our talent pool features aircraft modernization, modeling & simulation, and developmental and operational test.

Most importantly, you gain access to our full skill set when you add a Seeker consultant to your team.


Seeker prides itself on leveraging independent consultants without the pain.

Our streamlined methods facilitate turn-key full time/part-time employment or purchase order contracts.

We ensure accounting, security, and reporting are on-time and accurate so you can focus on what’s important.

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When it comes to the nation’s security, you should only trust professionals with first-hand and in-depth knowledge of the matter at hand. Reach out today so we can help.

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